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Apa Sherpa

Legendary mountain guide

The Michael Jordan of Mount Everest

Born: Thame, Nepal
Year of birth: Probably 1960...or maybe 1965. He doesn't know.
Family: Wife Yanglin, sons Tenzing and Pemba, daughter Dawa and granddaughter Tashi
Achievement: 21 successful expeditions to the top of Mount Everest
Proudest moment: Seeing all his three children graduating
Future: Apa Sherpa Foundation

Without education we have no choice

Already as a young child Apa decided that he wanted to help the people of Nepal. Determined to reach his dream and become a doctor one day, he walked 3 hours to school every day, and 3 hours back from school. But when he was 12 his father passed away. He had to quit school and start to work as a porter to support his family.

The Michael Jordan of Mount Everest

Apa Sherpa is a legendary mountain guide from Thame, Nepal. He’s called the Michael Jordan of Mount Everest and the Tiger of the Himalayas. Apa holds the record of having reached the summit of Mount Everest the most times in the world. He has successfully taken 21 expeditions to the top of the world, without losing a life.

Apa Sherpa Foundation

Despite his success and fame, if Apa would have got a second chance he still would have chosen to get that education and become a doctor in Nepal. He still wants to help the children of Nepal. That’s why he founded the Apa Sherpa Foundation.

"Without education we have no choice"

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